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World Council Meeting 2019

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Saturday, May 30th 2020

2:00 PM

Answering Pope Francis' urgent call in Laudato Si


Greetings of Peace to you all,

Trust you have taken some training/formation/retreats online and/or had prayers/reflections during Laudato Si’ Week. Hopefully together with the local members, you have put preparation into action. Here are some additional thoughts regarding our Commitment in joining Don Bosco Green Alliance as an organization:

  1. Live Simple

First you may want to proclaim this message in your own Province, encouraging your local members to sign the Pledge (website) in “Answering Pope Francis’ urgent call in Laudato Si, I pledge to:

• Pray for and with creation

• Live more simply

• Advocate to protect our common home.”

You may also want to keep a record of those members who have signed the Pledge. This name list can be shared later as one of the accomplishment.

More importantly you want as many as possible to really Live Simple, local members and even their family in your Province. There is no guidelines to measure how you can live simple or more simply but everyone should have a standard in your heart (follow the Holy Spirit) to put this simple commitment into action. As a Provincial leader, you may want to make sure the local members would have opportunity to share what they have done or what they want to do to accomplish the goal. During this sharing, please try to focus on being conscious of our consumption and to be aware of the choices we make as consumers. For example, I can choose to purchase air conditioner at a higher price but more energy saving; or I can choose to walk or ride a bike rather than to drive a car…

  1. Minimize Food and Water Waste

Have you heard about a Chinese maxim “eat 70% full” for your good health? Or more scientifically “Eating 40% less food could extend your life by 20 years” according to the researchers of the Institute of Health Ageing at University College London in developing treatment for 'disease' of ageing. (source: Independent)

Believe or not, we always waste food when dining as a group of people in daily life because we try not to starve people while ordering or preparing food. This means we aim at “eat 100% full” or maybe more than that! So why not aim at “70% full” at next group dining? Logically you will help minimize food waste up to 30%!

Do you know water cannot be created? It’s just an ecological process of evaporating from the ocean and fall down as rain… only 1.2% of water on the Earth is available for our daily use! (click here to see the water distribution graph)

Thus minimizing water waste is a pressing issue and we all can do it in our daily life. As a Provincial leader, please consider implementing the “70% full” concept and you may also want to read the attached document from Don Bosco Green Alliance for more ways of reducing wastage.

  1. Educate Youth

Don’t think you cannot do anything as you are not working in education or you are “too old” to do any youth work! As a Salesian Cooperator of Don Bosco, I’m sure you all know and agree with “Lead by Example” which is more important and perhaps more effective than verbal education. “when you give alms, your left hand must not know what your right is doing… when you pray, go to your private room, shut yourself in, and so pray to your Father who is in that secret place, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you.” (Mt 6:4-6)

However, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not discouraging verbal education. In fact, you should capture every opportunity to educate youth – our next generation – but you still need your own examples. Please refer to the second attachment from Don Bosco Green Alliance about a training manual for Communicating with youth on Climate Change. A series of training were held last year during the Global Climate Strikes in September.

That’s all I want to share with you and hope it’s helpful to get you (your Province) start acting on the 3 commitment of Salesian Cooperators - EAO. Please feel free to share any new ideas and/or activities/programs of your Province.

God bless!

In Don Bosco, Philip. 30-5-2020

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